Our Mission

Blue Water Exploration says it all. We are explorers at Discovery Deep and our mission is quite simply that.

Discovery Deep is a 501c3 non-profit foundation headquartered in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area. We provide data and sample collection support to scientific and academic organizations and select commercial interests. All of this is focused on furthering humankind’s understanding, knowledge and appreciation of the world’s oceans, seas and waterways.

We explore, discover, and document the maritime world, including shipwrecks of historic significance, intriguing underwater sites and mysteries, or the collection of scientific data.

  • Explore and map the Ocean
  • Uncover its Mysteries
  • Preserve its Beauty
  • Leave a Legacy for Humanity

It is through discovery that we find purpose, meaning, and ultimately satisfaction.

Our motto inspires us further; it reflects our passion for exploring the treasures of our oceans and waterways and bringing what we learn to the world. In the words of one of our co-founders, Mohamed Hafez, we strive to “Bring the Ocean out of the Ocean.”

We work with established academicians, historians, scientists and oceanographers to develop and then satisfy the data collection needs of their research projects. Discovery Deep conducts underwater surveys of dive sites of historic and recreational interest to further the preservation and appreciation of those sites.

Our activities and services include underwater videography and photography, surveying, mapping and sample collection through traditional scuba diving techniques, the use of Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV), and other technologies. Additionally, we continually strive to creatively employ new technologies to enhance our projects and expeditions.

We work with some great people. We frequently like to give mention to some of their talent and creativity. From time to time you will see a special person or organization featured here as a way of showing our gratitude. We also have a list of amazing sponsors to help keep us funded and doing what we love most - more diving.
Stay tuned!

Featured Project: "Mapping the Radeau"

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Team Expeditions

The Radeau Expedition

This was Discovery Deep’s first expedition. Our goal was to collect comprehensive photographic and videographic survey data to produce a digital three-dimensional interactive virtual reality model and tour of the wreck for historic societies and museums in Upstate New York and elsewhere.

Discovery Deep’s goal is to make it possible for educators, students, academics, conservationists and the scientific community at large to interact with the wreck in a new and ground breaking way for further studying and conservation of the sunken historic landmark. Launched in September 2014, the project was thoroughly planned over the span of an eight month period. This included logistical planning, dive team recruitment, dive safety planning, and photographic and video conceptualizing.

Partnering Projects

Shark Biodiversity Research

We take underwater samples and provide them to researchers. Recently, Discovery Deep diver Dr. Steve Klinker carried out the first sample collection of environmental DNA.

Mapping the Radeau

In early July 2015, Discovery Deep prepared the photographic and video results and forwarded it on to 3 Deep Media, of Cornwall, England to produce the digital interactive mapping work.

Virtual Reality

At Discovery Deep we also love technology and it's potential for ocean exploration. One of our ongoing efforts is to 'bring the Ocean out of the Ocean' and it's many sites into your future VR headset.

St. Lawrence History

We've initiated planning and exploration of historic sites in the river in conjunction with a historic society in Ogdensburg, NY. Our hope is to begin dive operations in the spring of 2016.

Explore the Ocean with us!

Photo Gallery

How We Got Started

frank stopa

Frank Stopa, CEO

Frank Stopa is one of the three founding members of Discovery Deep. His functions within Discovery Deep include organizational management, fund raising, marketing, project development, dive work and photography.

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mohamed hafez

Mohamed Hafez, CTO

Mo Hafez is an explorer and tinkerer. As a founding member of Discovery Deep, his passion for exploration and dive technology are fused in his function within Discovery Deep as the chief technologist and Virtual Reality guru.

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kevin moore

Kevin Moore, CFO

Kevin began diving in 2003 after completing the YMCA Open Water Scuba course and has since earned a number of underwater specialty certifications. When not diving Kevin and his wife can be found boating on Saratoga Lake.

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